Download PC Game Sword Art Online : Eternal World (Update V2.0.1)

List Update
Sword Art Online PC Game (Beta Tester)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V1.0.1)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V1.1.0 + Patch)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V1.2.0)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V1.2.1)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V2.0.0) New !!

How to Install
First download and install RTP if you already have it you don't need download it then install the Game

Sword Art Online PC Game Change logs
Update V1.2.0
- More Bug Fixes
- Side Story at Floor 2
- Martial Arts Skill with its own skill set
- New Monsters and Field Boss
- Monster/Boss Difficulty Adjustment
- Weapon Values Adjustment
- Weapon/Armor Text Size Change

Update V2.0.0
- Few Text Fix
- Item, Weapon, Armor, and ingredient value adjustment
- New City in floor 2 with my own special event
- Floor 2 Dungeon with floor boss
- Few Arts/MP Arts Effect and Damage have been adjusted
- Early stage of synthesis, cooking, and blacksmith is now available in Urbus.
- Class change bug, unable to equip swords is fixed
- Shadows and abnormal graphic effect is fixed
- Urbus Quest House now have 2 mini-quest and 1 cross over
- New BGM, picture, and monsters.
- Kirito now have more accurate graphic.

Update V2.0.1
- bugs and text fixes from V2.0.0
- Alchemy Quest
Screenshot (Update V2.0.1)

Link Download
Don't Forget Download This First

Then This
Remember This Below is just patch so download the SAO game before V2.0.0, just check other post Click Here
Mediafire Link
Sendspace Link

Note : This Game Will be update until ALO Session & Thanks To Link-Kawai For The Info
If the Link is broken just ask me.

The Newer Version Here
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  3. please check my post with newer version...

    the new version is V.3.0.0
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    download the game...
    and you don't need to download the patch...

  4. is it okay just to download the newest version even without the older one??